Hey everyone!
So I have decided to make a huge change when it comes to my eating.
I have decided to try a vegan/gluten-free diet.

This isn't necessarily because of morals and animal rights issues.  It's mainly because I have been doing a lot of research about eating healthier and the best foods for you and they all seem to lead to the "raw" vegan/gluten free diet.  I have always been on the heavier side of weight, so I'm hoping with this new cleaner diet and a structured work-out plan I will be able to get fit and in the best shape of my life.  I want to do this for me, especially when I'm younger so I don't have a lot of weight-related health problems when I'm older. 

I know it's not always going to be easy(and it won't kill me if I cheat once in a blue moon) but I think it's better for me in the long run.

Will keep you posted.

Any good recipe ideas?